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Membership applications and enquiries regarding membership information please contact our email address:

Membership costs only GBP 3.00 per year.



FOWPC Members receive quarterly newsletter containing news, features and the up to date progress of our cemetery refurbishment.


Committee Meetings

The FOWPC Committee Members have established a good working relationship with each other and hold regularly meetings throughout each year with an Annual General Meeting AGM.


Cemetery Clean Ups

The FOWPC Committee Members have always supported the need for members to attend the cemetery to clean and maintain their individual gravestones. Arrangements each year are made for clean up days, which are always held on Sundays, members are encouraged to come along and attend to their family gravestones as help is on hand from the Friends.



Address: - Romford Road Forest Gate London E7

Open: - Everyday summer months 8am to 8pm and winter months 8am to 4pm.

Parking: - For visitors and family members

Underground: - East Ham

Mainline Rail: - Manor Park, Forest Gate & Woodgrange Park

Bus Route: - No.86


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